CFADS how to calculate it and why it matters… and it does

CFADS is a measure of a company’s Cash Flow Available for Debt Servicing… and it matters because Bankers like it… so if you’re looking at an MBO or going on an acquisition spree chances are your bankers will look at your CFADS to see if they want to come along…

Calculating your CFADS… and how much they’ll lend you

Here’s a video working through the nuts and bolts of calculating your CFADS & what a bank’ll lend… and if you want a spreadsheet to help you out drop me a line at

Essentially Banks :

1.Caluclate your CFADS

2.Adjust for their required DSCR (Debts Service Cover Ratio)

3.Deduct any existing Debt repayments you’re making

4.Multiply the result by 3 or 4

And that tells them what they can afford to lend based on the company’s ability to generate enough cash to pay them back

In the Real World

What if your CFADS won’t get you the cash you need?

All may not be lost if your CFADS doesn’t quite support the money you’re looking to borrow…

… in the real world the banks are often trying to work to a figure you need them to hit because that’s the number you’ve agreed for the MBO or acquisition…

… so your Banker may well work with you to help get the CFADS figure to where it needs to be (see the video above) … hey… your Banker has a target to hit, bonus to earn, and he knows that if he says no you’ll be off somewhere else…

… and bankers hate losing clients