SIC Code

Quick SIC Code stuff

SIC CodeHere’s a fun site to help you find the right SIC code… SIC code Wiki

And here’s a blog post explaining why you should check it out… because Standard Industry Classifications matter..

Is your SIC code making your company credit rating sick?

You get to pick the SIC code that best describes your company’s activities… in fact you can pick 4… the Credit Agencies use the first one to pigeon-hole you & compare you against other companies with the same code… so make sure the first one of the four works for you?

SIC Code

Is your SIC code making your company credit rating sick?

Company credit ratings are affected by lots of things… but one of the major ‘unknown’ factors is a company’s SIC code… and in my experience most company’s don’t know what their’s is.

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification… it’s used to classify your business by type of economic activity…

Some can be very very specific… e.g. if you’re into ‘scaffold erection’ there’s a special SIC code just for that… some can be very general e.g. ‘other business support services’

And what code you have really matters…  Because agencies use it to compare your performance with others in same SIC code as part of their rating process.

If you’ve got the wrong one, or don’t look good in the one you’ve got, it can really hurt your credit ratings.

So who decides what SIC code you should have?

Believe it or not…You pick your company’s code and it gets filed at Companies House (you can list up to 4 codes, but the agencies will use the first one as the primary code).

I find that most companies leave this to their accountants, but I encourage owners to take an interest in their SIC code… and change it if necessary…

Because wrong SIC code = wrong rating?

The list of SIC codes can be viewed at Companies House SIC list

It may be useful to identify several companies like yours (or even your direct competitors) and see what SIC codes they’re using.

You can see any company’s Annual Return and therefore their SIC code for free at Companies House