Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances… have you any waiting to be claimed?

If you’ve spent money on assets you have the right to Capital Allowances… which help reduce your tax bill… but are you claiming all that you can?

Sometimes keeping up with all the rules & wrinkles can be a tad too much for smaller accountancy practices… particularly the rules related to property…

e.g. did you know you can claim capital allowances for fixtures & features on buy to let properties?… without invoices for the work done?

There are specialist tax firms who’ll take a look at an Owner Managed Businesses assets to figure out :

1. if there are claims to be made… and

2. if claims are being made are they being maximised

And they bill on a no-gain-no-pain basis… so what have you got to lose?

Here’s a firm who’ve had a lot of success maximising Capital Allowance claims… Leeds Based

The C3 Group .  and here’s a flier introducing you to Peffs

Permanently Embedded Fixtures & Features (PEFFs) may be claimed on most types of commercial property, from retail or industrial units to offices and factories, to bars, hotels and restaurants. They can also be claimed on more specialised commercial properties such as nursing homes, doctor or dentists surgeries, sport centres and even data storage centres. PEFFs can also be claimed on residential buy to let properties that are let to more than one unrelated persons such as student accommodation.

Why not check it out & claim all the Capital Allowances you can?