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Problems with Personal Guarantees…

 I don’t like ’em… never have done… and I think they stand in the way of decent companies accessing the external capital they need to grow. There’s an example of the problems they cause in another post I did : The Problems with Banks… their attitude to security So why does just about every lender insist […]

Is your SIC code making your company credit rating sick?

Company credit ratings are affected by lots of things… but one of the major ‘unknown’ factors is a company’s SIC code… and in my experience most company’s don’t know what their’s is. SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification… it’s used to classify your business by type of economic activity… Some can be very very specific… […]

The problem with banks… ?

It’s bankers’ outdated obsession with security that’s stopping SMEs borrowing… A typical owner managed business looking to their business banker for funding will end up being asked for Personal Guarantees to secure any loan… and that’s got to stop The desperate will always sign whatever the bankers want… but the rest are increasingly turning away from […]

Are you a Permanent Non-Borrower?… you’re not alone…

A third wouldn’t borrow money – even if they were paid to ?  Owner Managed Businesses (SMEs) are becoming increasingly self sufficient and shunning all forms of borrowing… 31% are now classified as Permanent Non-Borrowers (PNBs)… the highest level to date and up from 20% in Q1 of 2012… That’s a problem for the Bankers et al […]